XJR 1300 "The Aviator"

Yamaha XJR 1300 "The Aviator" by CMC Yamaha

Through the dealerships with the Yard Built contest, the Yamaha is showing how their motorcycles are ready to be customized, the XJR is perhaps the one most suitable to become a cafe racer

Inspired by the history of Aviation and modern performance, we used modern materials (including Carbon Fibre, Titanium and billet Aluminium) and mixed them with more traditional materials (Steel, Leather and suede) to create a blend of old style with modern custom components.

We created The Aviator around the Yamaha 'Yard Build' dealer concept, where the machine must be able to return to standard form (no frame modifications etc).

We went to great lengths to blend old school craftsmanship and modern engineering. The two went together perfectly to create a machine that retains the spirit of the XJR1300 and cafe racers, while using the very best in current engineering and modern materials. This led us to change or modify almost every component of the bike. We believe the end result is stunning.

A massive thanks to CMC Motorcycles, Metmachex Engineering, Central Wheels and Race Fit Exhausts for making this all possible.

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  1. Superb build by a talented and humble guy. The bike ran like a dream and it was a pleasure to capture the day on film.
    Julian Butcher......Thanks


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