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Aseem Singh Pawar return whit a new cafe racer 

 Tony535 my journey to IBW2016

Building motorcycles is probably the only thing that am good at. It all started in June 2015 when I was building my second custom motorcycle called Sonic200. No matter how much I tried to enjoy building it, there was something missing. I was based out of New Delhi then, bunking with my friend Pritam. Both of us avid bike enthusiasts, would sit at night discussing our day’s yield as designers and Tony535 was outcome of one such late night talks.

FS350 my first custom motorcycle is definitely the most famous Indian custom motorcycle. the amount of fun I had building it is unparalleled. FS350 is a Yamaha RD350 engine shoved inside a ktm duke chassis. FS350 is exactly the reason why I didn't enjoy building the Sonic200.
Sonic200 is a typical mainstream caferacer whereas FS350 was a full ground up custom motorcycle.

After doing FS350 a trellis framed RD350. The next logical step was doing a delta box framed Royal Enfield. Hence the concept of tony535 was conceived. I asked Pritam to make a concept level sketch of my latest brainchild. after seeing the render I was fully convinced that no matter what, I am 100 and billion % going to make tony535.

Yamaha RD350 and Royal Enfield are the 2 Indian legends and both of them deserve a more modern chassis set-up. So that they can not only perform well in straight line but also carve corners like a hot knife through butter.

IBW2016 was the exact opportunity that i wanted in life. getting selected for the biker build off championship was a milestone for me and hence i started building tony535.

The herculean task.

it took my almost 9 months to finish FS350. But for IBW bike build off championship I had to finish Tony in exactly 2.5 months. On Dec 1st 2015 I started the project and the very first step was to procure Yamaha delta box frame of r15 and a second hand Royal Enfield. luck was on my side and I happened to obtain r15 chassis with zero efforts. I went to the local Yamaha store and bought the chassis of the shelf with no questions asked and that's it after this my luck factor just vanished away into oblivion. finding a clean papered second hand motorcycle in India is ultimate pain in the ass. I bled blood through my eyes. it soon turned into a nightmare and finishing Tony on time felt like a far-cry. Me and Melvin looked for fair deals in all the possible corners and finally ended finding a good deal. I had almost finalised the deal but fortune was not on my side. the owner of the motorcycle cancelled the deal and I had already wasted 10 days on this futile process of looking for second hand bikes. By this time I had fully given the hope but this is when Melvin, Sounak and my dad lifted my moral and convinced to my to not give up on my dreams.

I sat down and re framed my strategy. I started looking for a dummy Royal Enfield engine so that I can fabricate my chassis mounts around it. by 15th of Dec I had already installed the WP front forks and thunderbird rear swing arm along WP rear shocks in the Yamaha delta box frame. My dad always says luck favours the bold and this is when he gave me the much need good news. he had managed to crack a good deal and finally I had Royal Enfield engine in my hands.

I fully packed my bags and shifted to Delhi to stay my with college time room-mate and friend Sourabh and Soham. the work began in full flow. Melvin introduced me to the royal motorcycles store, karol bagh, New Delhi. They took care of all my needs for spare parts.

Building a motorcycle from ground up is not a easy task, especially when you don't have your own dedicated workshop. but thank god Melvin introduced me to Bitto bhai. Along with his help I managed to finish up the bike by 14th Jan 2016. all these people how have seen me up close and personal know that I am a complete maniac when it comes to building motorcycles. everyday I would house at 10 am and come back at 12 midnight. When I build bikes I have absolutely no regards for personal hygiene and eating meals on time is a complete alien concept. finishing the bike on time was the only thing on my mind and motorcycles is what I do for eat sleep and repeat.  I don't have a multi million dollars set-up. All the work happens on the roadside and a few basic tools is all that i have.

I rode Tony for full 2 days and it gave me immanence pleasure and pride. the moment that I had fabricated in my mind a billion times had finally come. Tony rode and behaved exactly the way I had envisioned. sometimes I feel the Yamaha delta box frame was meant to take the Royal Enfield engine. its such a perfect fit.

Finally tony535 went on paint and British racing green theme was suggested to me by my other very good friend Tejas, even the design of the petrol tank is given by him. People don't associate Royal Enfield with performance here in India. A Royal Enfield is only good for making bobbers and choppers. 100% wrong. Tony has got all sorts of performance parts possible. Forged wossner piston, performance valves, cams, engine bearings, con rod and power commender ecu all sourced from Hitchcock motorcycles UK. As mentioned earlier royal motorcycles karol bagh New Delhi helped me in procuring all these. Now Tony had the engine performance to match the enhanced chassis dynamics. Tony has absolutely zero non performing visual parts. My custom bike building philosophy is against any kind of elements thrown in, in the name of detailing and beautification. Tony is a no frills machine. its lean, mean, clean and made with a clear vision with only one thing in mind and that's performance.

By 1st of Feb all the paint work was done and soon Tony was all assembled and ready to fire up. Rammy bhai did all the engine work on Tony. Finally it was all done and ready to be shipped to Goa for lbw 2016. zipping around on the streets of Delhi on Tony is definitely one of my best memories.

After 2 months of agony, blood, sweat and tears I managed to conclude this seemingly outrageous project which wouldn't be possible without the financial
support of my parents. I believe our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. What's worked for me is not quitting and being passionate about what I do and not giving up.

I would once again like to thanks my parents for placing trust in me. Melvin for standing by my side like a brother.
bitto bhai for the fabrication work and rammy bhai for engine work. sounak and teja for the being my support pillars and royal motorcycles for helping me with the puzzle pieces that finally crafted Tony.

ibw2016 wouldn't have been possible without you guys.

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