CB750 Tribute to Mike "the bike" Hailwood

I normally do not publish articles written by others but since it was sent to me by mail for a bike that I showed you a few days ago. There are more informations on the bike and then I thought of doing a useful service to you readers who visit this page are always looking for ideas and information for your projects

Wil From Venray, The Netherlands, created in his youth besides a love for girls, also  a love for bikes. Racing bikes particularly, this second love is the reason for the build of this 1973 CB750 K2.

This manager at a Dutch hospital is very keen on “one of a kind” motorcycles, which are handmade. Wil says, there are too many factory bikes on the roads.
Nobody should expect a Manager to do something, yet they always tell other people what to do. Although he managed to build this bike by his own, with a little help from his friends.

This CB750 is taken care of in an outstanding way. The only thing Wil didn’t change is the frame. The 70’s race bikes from Mike “the bike” Hailwood are the inspiration to this build. Experts say  Mike is the greatest rider of all time and so says Wil. The inspiration comes back in the colours and lines of the bike. He made his own subframe to support the seat and rear, in which he also stashed all the electronics including the battery.
This Barnfind bike has seen a lot of changes, and the result is tremendous.

The forks and wheels were lend form a CBX 550F, though only the hubs were kept, because of their “ventilated disk wheels” what simplified means it are disc brakes inside a brake drum. Therefore you get the looks of the oldschool drum brakes, with the performance of  the disc brakes. The hubs are restored, and finished in black powdercoat. The 18” rims are new and it’s all braided together with brand new stainless steel spokes.
The Metzeler tires finish the wheels with a nice look and good asphalt-sticking properties.
The calipers which are also taken from that same CBX 550F create the stopping power Wil was looking for.

The forks were adjusted to fit right in, the handlebar is replaced for a pair of clip-ons. The steering and gauges are surrounded by an original 70’s Rickman’s fairing painted in “Hailwood silver”. It’s mounted with a frame that Wil produced by himself in his shed.

In this same shed the bike was completely stripped so he could black powdercoat the frame and oil tank. Also the engine is completely overhauled and painted in here.
The oil tank was made to fit for this bike, without disturbing the clean 70’s look.
Wil also managed to produce his own rear brake pedal and bracket.

The swingarm got some adjustments to fit the CBX rearwheel and caliper right in. the rear shocks are a little shorter and harder than the original. It are race shocks for a CBX, mounted on Wil’s Hailwood tribute to smoothen the Dutch roads and improve the handling.

Wil had his own idea for the design. The colours are inspired on Mike Hailwood’s racers, red bike with silver fairing. The logo’s were made by a friend of Wil to retain the 70’s look.

Unfortunately we couldn’t make a testride, but according to this amateur bike builder it rides smooth, the steering is very direct, and the 750cc engine produces enough power. Due to the customized exhaust it creates a lovely sound. When accelerating is sucks air right through the open air filters which also ensures you can hear the cry of Honda’s SOHC engine.

Wil is currently building on his custom Harley Softail Sportster. Besides that he wants to build 4 other Yamaha caferacers, 2 for selling so he can afford his bike building, 1 for himself, and a dirt tracker for his brother.

According to this build, we barely can’t wait to see his other builds.

By Glenn Hakkers


  1. This article is written by Glenn Hakkers from Ducth Bikebuild, the page where we show that Dutchmen can build decent bikes.

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    Glenn / Dutch Bikebuild

  2. Thanks for paying attention for the bike i build! More bikes to come!


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