Kaffeemaschine 11

Alex Budde continues to create his bike following his style, made ​​the bike low and flat on a Moto Guzzi, a very strong and recognizable style which is also confirmed in his latest work that I get via e-mail. The colors cone always classic and not flashy, in this case black and gold .

Dear editor, my latest cafe racer build is done- Kaffeemaschine 11, and I´d be very happy, if you´d post it on your great site.

 It was built for Arnd Rohrlapper (Berlin), who fancied a 70ies cafe racer Moto Guzzi. As I always liked the colors, my idea was building a bike, which would suit the Lotus Esprit World Champion and the client was very open minded. Meanwhile he got so into it and even had his helmet custom painted with likewise colors. The donor bike was a Le Mans 3, which got a total revision of the engine, transmission and rear drive, with new 1000ccm cylinders and pistons, lightened clutch, balanced crank, twin spark heads, sport cam and valves, electronic ignition and modified carburetors. The exhaust is custom made with removable db eaters, based on a vintage race unit. The tank is a Magni replica, seat and fairing were built/ modified by Kaffeemaschine. The brakes were upgraded with modern pumps, stainless lines and a KM rear torque support. The fork was overhauled with new tubes and FAC dampers, special KM Ikon shocks are in the rear. The Guzzi also got a custom electrical system with the use of a Motogadget instrument, besides the various special and handmade Kaffeemaschine alloy parts.

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