Spring Temptation

Alex Aldegheri is a young photographer who is proposed to RocketGarage and I have the pleasure of condivedere you with his shots as main subjects that always portray women

Can you describe your learning background and when did you start photography?
I started photography about three years ago , as well as strong passion my career is based on a few things:
experimenting ,testing and hours of tutorials , lectures and courses.
How did you come up with the idea of photographing women?
Let's say that the woman is the most beautiful form that can be photographed , but not rejection of a project with a man.

What is your statement of this series?
This is a simple sequence , taken with naturalness in the home to give you an idea of " normality " .
Most of your projects are about women, and they are very sexy in the images.

What do you think about women in photography?
The woman in the photograph lends itself, is the most beautiful and elegant that there is in nature. The only bad thing in photography is the thin line that divides the sexy and vulgar.

How do you choose you models for your projects?
Initially I create a sort of ad, later I select it based simply on the idea that I have in mind. Because when Ithink of a project I have a picture of the final result.

What id your state of mind when photographing this series?
In this sequence , as in others, trying to be relaxed and paying attention to the professional work that I'm creating , not forgetting that I'm there to have fun.
How would you describe your style?
My style is derived from street photography , and my portrait often uses harsh tones and shard, whit colors a bit subdued, always paying attention to the richness of details.
This choice of style is very noticeable in the management of black and white.

What does photography mean to you?
In my case I believe that photography is about creating the time and did not catch him. It's a kind of
communication to three, model-photographer-viewer, a photo is also successful when the viewer sees what I see.

Do you have any plan in the future?
Other projects? Absolutely. First photographic exhibition, which is a little dream. Other photographic services, and I'd like that one day people would recognize my photos see in around.

Model Francesca Bet

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