Tamarit Spanish Motorcycles

These Triumph known and there seem to have the impression of having already seen on these pages, you are right I will I presented some time ago but it is the same Quique that explains the reason for this.

My name is Quique, I am Tamarit Spanish Motorcycles founder (ex 8negro speed parts). I follow your blog daily and I love it, that´s why it would be a pleasure for me to see my bikes there if you like what we do, of course.
After three wonderful years at 8negro speed parts doing what we love: making and selling our own parts only for Triumph , modifying our bikes and knowing all those people who have placed their trust in us during these years, it is time to introduce our new website and brand: SPANISH TAMARIT MOTORCYCLES.
At Tamarit Spanish Motorciclyes you can find all the pieces you already know and the latest ones, everyone done under our philosophy: handmade and handcrafted. Also you can find our last customizations: MOTO Velo, SUPER LOPEZ AND DALUA THRUXTON, (I would like to thank the owners for their confidence on us; thanks guys).
Who are we?
Some passionate about anything beautiful that conveys something, into its soul. Among these are those things loud and with wheels, which we fall in love with and have made us embarked
on this adventure.
It all started in front of some beers and one of our favorite conversations: our bikes.
And after a few hours daydreaming about how our bikes would be, someone said:
and why not making them?.
At that moment we decided to make our own parts, by hand and trying to make them so “beautiful that convey something special as if they had soul "

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