CRK Sprint Retro Racer Kit

Those who visit this page are people who seek inspiration for their own work or ideas to create their own dream bike. The kit in question is perhaps one of the smartest and fastest solutions, also considering the easy reparation of the donor bike.
No complicated work, but within the reach of anyone with a minimum of mechanical familiarity
Cafe Racer Kits Ltd are delighted to announce details of their next kit bike
Following on from the success of our Triumph T300 Series Kit which has now
exceeded 200 sales around the globe we have turned our attention to the Triumph
Sprint ST 955 manufactured from 1998 - 2004.

The reasons for choosing the Sprint are that firstly it is a superb motorcycle. MCN describe it as a better bike than the contemporary Honda VFR which is praise indeed. However a quick scan of the classified adverts will reveal that these great bikes are now available for very little cash. Find a scruffy one with some scuffs on the plastic and it can cost less than a £1000 which makes it ideal as the basis for a conversion. Spares are still readily available from Triumph or specialist breakers.
Whereas the more glamorous Daytona models of the same era are starting to become recognised as classics the Sprint is more likely to remain at sensible prices for those looking to build something themselves.

We have been working on the kit in our spare time for about a year now, considering various options for styling. The final choice being “Retro Racer” to give the bike a classic set of lines and a styling nod toward the great racing bikes of the 70’s. The bike is not meant to be a replica, instead it offers the builder the basis to create their own take on the theme by mixing colours and components.
The donor bike has a bolted subframe as standard so there is no cutting or welding required for the conversion. The original fuel tank and airbox are retained which makes tuning the fuel injection much easier.
CRK kits are all designed to allow anyone with a shed or garage and some standard tools to build themselves a great special. We have had some customers with zero experience who actually had to go out and buy a set of spanners complete their bikes. We also have customers who are more seasoned builders who have taken the Cafe Racer Kits Ltd

CRK parts unpainted and then developed their own additions by fabricating custom side panels, exhaust systems, body panels etc.
As with our other kit bikes the conversion will be broken down into modules that can be purchased individually or as a complete kit. We are staring with the Subframe Module which will be available at the end of January 2019 and the other modules will be introduced during the following months. Each module will include detailed instructions to help ensure a great result.

Module descriptions, prices include VAT & UK Delivery

Rear Subframe Module - £420.00
• Fully welded, jig built frame.
• Electrics tray pre drilled for ECU etc.
• Battery mounts and retaining strap.
• Rear light with mounting bracket and number plate mount.
• Supplied Powder Coated Satin Black.
Bodywork & Upholstery Module - £395.00
• GRP Seat moulding with hump and tank location pins.
• Supplied in gelcoat finish ready for sanding and painting.
• Fully upholstered Seat Pad.
Fairing Module - £495.00
• Fairing moulding in gelcoat finish ready for sanding and painting.
• Perspex Screen
• Projector type stacked headlamps
• Frame mounting brackets and fairing supports Powder Coated Satin Black.
Cooling module - £485.00
• Aluminium High efficiency Radiator
• Aluminium water expansion tank
• Inline Thermostat housing with bypass
• Water hoses Frame mounting brackets
• Radiator Guard
• Frame brackets.
Handlebar Module - £175.00
• CNC Machined Clip On type handlebars to fit onto original top yoke.
• Location holes drilled to accept original Handlebar Switches.
Instruments Module - £125.00
• Mounting plate to re-locate original instruments.
• Laser cut to fit original top yoke
• Tubular covers to shroud plastic housings
• Powder Coated Satin Black
Hugger Module: £135.00
• GRP Hugger and chainguard moulding
• Gelcoat finish ready for sanding and painting.
• Fixing brackets and fasteners to suit single sided Swingarm
Front Mudguard Module: £144.00
• GRP Mudguard Blade
• Gelcoat finish ready for sanding and painting.
• Alloy Mounting brackets

Cafe Racer Kits

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