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MGCR4V is the acronym of Moto Guzzi Café Racer 4 valves. There are many changes that have made the Mandello Lario brand of its 90 degree propeller placed transversely and make this brand completely naked an icon for popular editors and those from his home lab "his motorcycle."

This is one of the latest motorcycles that have become part of the great collection of bikes owned by Alfonso Alcolea, a wealthy enthusiast who has a predilection for Italian motorcycles with an important history behind them.

It is difficult to put into words what is the most complete bike we have made for us. Its 125hp engine at the wheel, its powerful brakes and its new geometries make this Guzzi a true "lethal weapon".

Like a good coffee, I had to wear half-moons, an open round light and aluminum spokes. The wheels chosen for the project are nothing else and nothing less than a CNC-machined Kineo. They have tubeless technology, this is possible when the spokes are anchored outside the ring. Its measurements are 5.5 "x 17" with a 180 tire for the rear tire and 3.5 "x17" with 120 for the front.

As you can see the most expert the engine is a 1200cc with some "tricks" of the house. It has gone from the injection to the carburetion, but in the desire to always look for more C.V. They mounted a Keihin FCR 41 mm diameter flat gate, which gives a bottom-up response that would already need some injections, without underestimating the aesthetic aspect.

Road tests were very satisfactory and part of the success is the work done in the chassis, which changed the geometry of the steering in search of agility, obtaining a much more intuitive bike. The entire part of the tube has also been reinforced, taking advantage of the position of the engine de-vaporization box so as to leave the entire central part of the frame free.

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