T300 Garage Built

Triumph T300 is a motorcycle with a thousand resources, it is suitable for numerous changes in different styles.
This is my conviction that the same Stephan Kraus has built this bike inspired by the Porsche 911 Magnus Walker, then a character bike but it can also be used.

The 3-cylinder engine has a characteristic sound very similar to the Porsche engine was therefore based suits.

Stephan Kraus is a filmmaker as example of the "Race the dust" Tour for Triumph & the Tridays.

"I bought the bike low priced on E-bay. It was a 1998er Sprint Sport in red . The Idee was to make somthing other customizer do not build but it had to be not so expansive. Bevore I restored a SUZUKI DR500 from 1981 and now I wanted to have Full Liter (1000cc) and 12 Volt and it had to be a Triumph.

By the way I made a lot of bikes in my life (48 Years old) but mostly I only make the style with other/new grafiks and Sticker… So I did in the beginning with my DT50 und later with my TENERE and Cagiva Elefant, KTM LC4, Buell, SpeedTriples …..

So I made a design concept for my T300 Projekt. It is inspire from the 911er Porsches by Magnus Walker and Singer...

The first challenge was to bring the whole Electric under the Tank and in the Batteriebox where I have space because I use I little LiPO Batterie. I never did such a big Electric Project before but after some cold Nights in the Garage (between the WinterTyres and the Garbage Can I won the battle against the Electric!

The Sitecaps and the Front Fender I shaped on my own from the Original. The rear Fender was donate me by Jens (JvB-Moto) a friend of my. The Rear Frame I cut until the first cross truss. The Seat I shaped from the original core and a saddler makes me the coat. The Air System I only cut right before the box (with grit) because every one told me it is very difficult to get the engine run well without Airbox System at the T300… And I will get trouble with the German TÜV…. (maybe your bike shows that it can run well ;-)

The Handelbar and the riser and the footrests are from LSL. The Speedos are analog with control Lamps insite. The Frond Lamp is a Bobber Lamp. I mount it though deep to the steering Head that I have to make a dent for the Ignitionswitch. But I like Lamps as near as possible to the Frame…. I built all needed mounts on my self….

The Exhaust: I bought the 3 in 1 System from e-bay. It came from a English Company. Then I took a old BOSE short Superbike Silencer (normally for ZX10R) and let it fit together by a Friend (welder).  The Sound is incredible good (not to loud) and the Silecer has I "E" Number so I can try to make this legal.

I wonted to make the bike as radical as I can do but less loosing the daily driveability. So now I can drive on my bike 800 km a day to the Tridays or to Glemseck101.



  1. I love what you have done to update the look of the old Sprint. Very keen to do the same with mine but was it a straight forward and easy conversion to produce? And how much on top of the bike price did you have to spend to get it finished? I take it that the 3 into 1 exhaust is off the shelf or was it specially made ? Any info would be appreciated. Many thanks, Brian (Scotland)

    1. The motorcycle you observe is not our work but by Stephan Kraus, as it is written in the article, for costs and other technical information that you did not find written here, we invite you to contact him. If you are interested in a 3 in 1 exhaust, we are removing one from my personal bike, if you are interested I can provide you with photos and price

  2. jolie projet , j'adore le look , bravo !!

  3. Finally A triumph modified/modernized with the materials available. apart from the silencer, tail and cockpit most looks pretty much stock cut to size, cleaned up, newly covered and painted. Very clever, I would love to talk with the builder. He shows excellent vision and restraint.


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