Sultans of Sprint

The Sultans of Sprint Challenge is an acceleration & style contest opened to sprint/custom bikes powered by 4 stroke air cooled twin cylinder engine. 

The ranking will be based on performance & style of the contenders.
From the mind fervent Sebastien Lorentz (who is not there I'm not even explain) was born as an idea for who he is sick of speed and to find ways to challenge himself and others.

The technical rules are simple: ....

the Sultans of Sprint challenge is opened to custom sprint bikes powered by a 4 stroke  air or oil cooled 2 cylinders engine. As we want to keep the challenge fair & open to all speedfreaks we have some engine capacity limits according to engine type (2 or 4 valves) and use of supercharging (NOS, turbo, blower).
Engine capacity
max 1400cc / 2 valves without NOS/blower/turbo
max 1200cc / 2 valves with NOS or blower or turbo
max 1000cc / 2 valves with NOS and blower or turbo
max 1000cc / 4 valves without NOS/blower/turbo
max 900cc / 4 valves with NOS or blower or turbo
max 800cc / 4 valves with NOS and blower or turbo
Race stuff:
Fuel/shifter: free
Frame: original or modified original frame / extended swingarm: maximum 20 % compared to original (some exception can be allowed if the bike fits the spirit).
Rear tire: maximum width: 160mm
Number plate: oval 28,1 x 23,7 cm (plates or painted on the fairing)

Mandatory brake system on both wheels
Usual safety locking wires on oil drain plugs
Full leather suit (one or two pieces) & ECE full face helmet + boots & gloves.

Many bikes (cheap or expensive !) can be used to be part of it as soon as it’s fast enough and built in a custom / sprint style. Some examples: BMW 2 valves boxer, BMW 4 valves boxer (850/900), Ducati air cooled, Suzuki Intruder (anyone ?), Yamaha (see the fast TR1 by Schlachtwerk !), Moto Guzzi, Harley-Davidson big twin & sportster, Buell, Triumph twin Hinckley or Meriden, BSA, Dniepr, Ural ....

... be creative but try to make it fast & you can be a Sultan of Sprint !

Race schedule 2016

Sultans of Sprint | round #1 | Wheels and Waves Punkspeak
location : Biarritz (Biarritz, France) | France / Spain
dates : june 8&12
Sultans of Sprint | round #2 | Cafe Racer Festival 
location: Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry | France
dates: june 18&19
Sultans of Sprint | round #3 | Glemseck 101
location: Glemseck 101 | Germany
dates: september 2&4
Sultans of Sprint | round #4 | INTERMOT Köln
location: Cologne (Cologne, Germany) | Germany
dates: october 5&9

 infos by email to sulantsofsprint@outlook.com  #speedisourreligion

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