Coin Arcade

Spring is here and it brought us this lovely Suzuki GN 250! A brand new project that has arrived at Trinta&Um motorcycles were no major changes were made.

Coin is the name that has this bike, i think for its owner represents the coin that was part of arcade video games inside. A time of fun and games.

The engine was totally worn out, a complete engine rebuild had to be done, some extra “juice” was added as well with the BigBore 300cc upgrade.

The 340mm rear suspension and the tires choice, a 130/90/16 (rear) 4.10 / 18 (front), allowed to get a straighter line from the sub frame.
A new handmade battery box was made, so in order to occupy as little space as possible the entire electrical system had to be modified.
A new ignition key switch facilitates the startup and a simple MX handlebar control switch replaces the two original ones and makeS it cleaner.
A tracker handlebar and a new set of leavers, as well as a new master cylinder helped to get rid of those giant controllers.
The new paint job from our partner “RememberVintage” turned the project even more joyful.

The name given to this motorcycle is a little bit awkward… “coin”, only Osvaldo Bessa, the owner, understands it .

A big smile and great pleasure is what you get when driving this bike! An approximate speed of a 350cc will make you shake your helmet… (approved 300cc)
That’s it, here’s new Suzuki GN “300”! Small, colorful, robust and fast! Though and rebuilt following Osvaldo’s lifestyle and ready to roll!!!

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