BMW S 1000 RR Custom Project

BMW Motorrad present the BMW S 1000 RR Custom Project prepared by Praem. This hypersportive was fully customized by Sylvain Florent Berneron and in homage to the heyday of the endurance races of the 80 The perfect link between the world of racing and customization.

BMW Motorrad wants to continue to open new horizons and new territories that speak to all fans. The BMW S 1000 RR Custom Project, BMW Motorrad joins Praem to remove the boundaries between the world of competition and performance and that of customization and style. BMW Motorrad is Make Life A Ride. The S 1000 RR amended by Praem is a perfect incarnation.

 While maintaining all the dynamic qualities and leading performance of the S 1000 RR, Praem book in a decidedly vintage performance but also very racing. The exterior is completely revised in this sense: asymmetrical fork head in the mind of machines that were prepared for 8h of Suzuka, original aluminum tank lengthened and of course a typical casing of that time with the battery directly accessible. Many changes have been made, in a nod to the world of competition: fill valve and quick couplings Staubli, carbon wheels Rotobox equipped with carbon ceramic discs, radiator-type endurance, slick tires or adjustable remote controls of the BMW Motorrad HP range. The titanium exhaust system emits a particularly angry with his silent Werks USA. Of course, the essence of the project with a strong scent of competition, the S 1000 RR retains its technology. Its performance is even up through the exhaust system and a specific mapping but also to the overall relief on the chassis: carbon wheels, aluminum subframe and titanium screws. Indeed, the weight of the S 1000 RR already very original content, is thus further reduced to only 184 kg fully fueled a gain of about 20kg on the scales to Praem this release.
Produced in collaboration with Derestricted, the design of the painting is also a modern reinterpretation, with a satin finish, aesthetic codes of competition vehicles from 70/80. It is also a nod to the BMW Art Car by Alexander Calder at the chosen colors.

BMW Motorrad continues to write the saga of the BMW Custom recent years (Krugger with his "Nurbs" and 6-cylinder in 2014 crowned the title of World Champion of Custom Bike, OSE and R nine T sidecar " the breakaway Beautiful "in 2015, Deus Ex Machina and S 1000 R prepared for Orlando Bloom, without counting all the preparations made on the basis of the R nine T since its launch: Urban Motor, El Solitario, Blitz Motorcycles, Roland Sands or Bratstyle, 46Works, Hidemo, Cherrys Company and most recently Clutch Motorcycles. with the BMW S 1000 RR Custom Project by Praem, BMW Motorrad is continuing its commitment to the world of customization with this new proposal that links perfectly vintage, technology and competition.

Frederic Stik, Managing Director of BMW Motorrad France: "I am very impressed by the work of Sylvain and Florent in Praem. It's the perfect bike I would have liked at the age when I started to ride a motorcycle. Sylvain and Florent knew perfectly imagine what would have been the best bike racing 80s with the best of today's technology and transform the S 1000 RR race machine this time. Especially since, by its performance, this bike has its place in today's circuits.

It is a beautiful tribute first of all BMW Motorrad DNA that has always been very active in competition: tourist trophy, speed records, side cars, Paris Dakar, Superbike and Endurance. Then I think the S 1000 RR Custom Project is a true new proposal in the world of customization. "

Sylvain Berneron, Praem: "This new project Praem makes me work again on a BMW and I am very proud. In this kind of approach, it is really important to work freely creatively. Once the outline of the motorcycle defined, Florent and I were very free to explore a new direction with the racing 80s while using an ultra modern base.
The philosophy is to use Praem legendary motorcycles bases. The BMW S 1000 RR in part in my opinion. It is extraordinary that BMW has managed to do with a powerful engine but perfectly tamed by electronics and some hyper sharpened cycle.
We tried to keep the maximum board technology: DTC traction control, suspension driven DDC, Race ABS, launch control ... while taking the S 1000 RR in another aesthetic universe .... "


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