NX 650 Summer Inspiration

Marco di Marcello is another of the many fans who was kidnapped on her way from the special created by the most famous customizer that fill the web and so he wanted to create his bike simple and fun, we tell it me himself that his story

My name is Marco Di Marcello, from Italy, Rome.
Profession photographer, I've always loved motors. More than a year ago I started this project in my garage. It's a completely revisited 1989 Honda Dominator.
Over being a photographer, I'm a physiotherapist and athletic trainer. That’s why I don’t have so much free time. As a passionate restorer of Vespa, I decided to try something different, a new project to prove myself.. The passion for Vespas was born because a friend has seven beautiful pieces. Together we began some restorations. That’s how the idea of a “special” project was born.
It was in the air, but the real obsession exploded five years ago.

I was in Lombok, Indonesia, for holidays. I knew “Deus ex machina”, I was really attracted by their philosophy. Then a friend of mine that used to hosting me there, wanted to bring me to this wonderful beach called “Desert Point”. A place well known to the best surfers. Once we arrived it was a special surprise for me discovering that there was a photoshoot of Deus. I admired their bikes and talked with the boys of Deus.

That was the real moment when the idea of starting the project was born. From that day I began to study what to do, which bike to choose, which style.. I’m a BMW lover, but they are basically similar and I was really looking for something fun but also cheap because it was the first project I was afraid to fail. I liked the Honda Cb, but it was too expensive to me. Searching in internet I saw that Honda Dominator was considered a good starting point. As we say in Italy "spend little with maximum performance". I saw beautiful works of guys like me and beautiful motion by various garage. I began looking for the right model. I was attracted by the 88/89 model, which has the kick started too. 

On 2013 (it was July 13th) I completed the purchase of this bike, limited edition gold. For about one year and six months I began step by step to build it together with a friend who once bought a Honda XL 600.The muffler is custom-crafted. Produced by Galassetti, a famous mufflers producer of Rome. 
The original pieces of the bike have been completely removed. 
I cut the rear frame and rebuilt it to fix a new seat. 
The frame is been sandblasted and repainted with black paint. 
The wheels have been replaced.

At the beginning the bike was equipped with  19"/17" wheels and continental TKC80 tires. Later I replaced the rear wheel with a large 18". Front and rear hubs restored and mounted on rims Excel blacks of 19 and 18 inches, with chrome spokes. Now the bike has Shinko tires, a trial model. The fenders are made of aluminum sanded by hand. Brand new shock absorber Wilbers. Electrical system completely redone, light model bate. Silver and black handlebar renthal. New speedometer, oil cap with thermometer.

It became a brand new bike, the original pieces left are the engine, painted in silver and black (silver like metal flake tank), the frame, forks that have been shortened and repainted, and the plates of the fork. Reservoir model is CG125. Painted in blue metal flake by an expert guy of Rome, an artist for this type of things (CRIArt in Formello, near Rome). The metal flake is interspersed by a pastel gray and a black revolving around the fuel cap. The pliers have been restored and repainted in a color that looks like "coke" to resume the seat and grips.
Grips are in honey color, model beston.
The seat was made by hand by an artisan of Rome and it has a lithium battery inside. Ignition key positioned laterally on the frame

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