1974 BMW R90 ENDURO by Northeast Sportcar 
Nicely Restored and Modified Bike, Renthal, Acewell, Continental TKC80, Tuned with 02 Sensor

This 1974 BMW R90 has been set up as a scrambler by a BMW and off road enthusiast from Arizona. The original owner of the bike lived in the pacific northwest. It had about 25k miles on it but he wasn’t riding it much anymore. He sold it to a guy who started to do a cafe restoration on it. He stalled in the middle and the guy I bought it from purchased it from him.

When the previous owner got it, he did the input and output shaft seals with new seals from Hucky’s BMW. He ensured the pushrod tubes were good, had the cylinder heads off. Everything looked good so it was put back on and retorqued correctly. The valves were adjusted along with the rocker endplay. The bike was fitted with new points and condenser. The master cylinder was relocated to the handlebars. He ensured the bike charged well, checked the final drive oil, put new fork oil in the forks (they still feel a bit soft for this setup to us), and cleaned the carbs. The bike runs stock jets and filters as it was tested on an O2 sensor after the aftermarket exhaust was fitted and read perfectly. The paint on the bike is original and very nice. There are some touchups on the tank but overall the bike presents as an extremely clean and well built example.

The seat was made by a local upholsterer, the headers wrapped, and the carbon fenders were sourced from a vendor online. The bike was fitted with acewell gauges, d-flex brushgaurds with turn signals, a radianz led tail light strip with built in turn signals, continental TKC 80s, renthal bars, engine guards, and bar end mirrors.

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