Yamaha SR 250 "The Maniac" 

From Deus Customs

1st – Marco Troiano

Marco looked at the 1982 Yamaha Sr250 and rolled up his sleeves.
He started modifying thoroughly, shortening it and using a unique rear suspension scheme, with a single shock working in reverse, when in traction instead of in compression.

The rear 16” tyre is beautifully and really unusual, being nothing less than a tractor’s front wheel. Genial.
And the tank is straight from a 70’s 50cc motorcycle but Marco doesn’t even remember where he got it from, the fairing and fairing’s frame are homemade.


  1. I'm not crazy for bikes like this, nor am I crazy for cast mag wheels - but I can really dig the front wheel here, which seems like a drum to disc conversion? Stuff like that could lend itself well to fitting 16" mags front and rear, 18" mags where they're otherwise unavailable - Albeit the cast mags with a drum front brake are gonna be skinny compared to a similar disc braked model, given that they come off of smaller models - they're still as cool as all get out. Only a handful of bikes which I can think of off-hand, which used a front drum brake in a heavy as shit boat-anchor wagon wheel. It's kinda limiting in that you can't upgrade the drum as you would with a wire wheel - and upgrade the rim while you're at it - but where and when stuff like this CAN be used, and the weight isn't so much of a factor, well WTF it looks really cool! I wonder whether there were ever any versions of which, cast in actual Magnesium. Perhaps on some race-spec MZ or other such European models..... Well either way - a wee bit of machine work on a regular old drum-braked REAR mag wheel, and you could get the same effect. With the extra width of a standard rear rim of the bigger model that might come off of. 16" would be especially weird. I'm doing the same thing on my "KZ440LOL" but with wire-spoke wheels and the Suzuki 4LS drum - but a far cheaper version could be rendered from any random 16" mag wheels - And there are all of these Maxi-Scooter tires out there in appropriate speed and load ratings. I looked at it as a way of sticking some fatter rubber on the bike but without increasing the rolling inertia. Well, the bike's for my kid and she said she wanted another scooter, so I guess it was her idea in a sense.... But yeah the 7-spoke mag rear 2.50x16" rim off the KZ itself might work well on some sort of 125-250cc light-weight bike. All the more interesting if the cush-drive could be replaced with another drum on that side, just a bolt-up job of some sort like an old Vincent or Harley would have circa 1930s-'40s etc. But a disc would be neato too, so long as you get that huge blob of a center hub in the middle of all those Iron girder spokes. OR wtf it could even go with dual-disc brakes and still bring a goofy odd-ball look to the bike, if it's still a fat 16" rear "chopperette" wheel.


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