BMW R100R Strong Motorcycles


BMW R100R Strong Motorcycles
Philippe Vincent from Liège Belgium is a 42 years old, graphic designer, graphic design teacher and jewellery in St Luc High School Liège and arts restorator since 15 years now.

"Since I was 14, I was completely mad about cars and bikes from the 50's.
Starting with scooters ('57 Lambretta tv 175 from my dad), I was finally married with Norton, Triumph and Royal Enfield.
But always in horrible state, because of my poor wallet...
I started to restorate bikes from this time.
But I quickly found that some parts (mudguards, seats, tanks...) were "heavy" looking. And I started then to "rearrage" the design, by switching parts to others, and cutting here and there to have the result I had decided.
Friends were interested (15 years ago I mean), and friends of friends...
But it has always been a part time job, as a one man operation, alone as a passion. Here and there some hours. (My ex-girl wouldn't agree with that...)

As I have built some bikes now, I'd like to share the last one with you.

This BMW was made this  year for Julien Burlat from Dome restaurant in Antwerpen, Belgium.
I first sold my BMW 75/5 to his brother, Benoit.
Julien was with him the day he brought the bike back home.
So, he asked me to build one BMW for him.

In the middle of thousands builts on BMW basis, I did'nt see  a lot on R100R basis.
For me the best engine, in the best frame and finally a real front Showa fork with dubble discs Brembo Braking system.

Thats the reasons, I propose him to choose this model.

Engine was rebuilt. Front frame powder coated, after removing useless parts on the frame.

Rear frame was completely rebuilt in stainless steel. Original rear footpegs were cut off the frame,
leaving just a bit for a new home made alloy one.
Same job for the front foot pegs.
Gear selector and brake pedal were designed and made by myself and also in stainless.

Original exhaust pipes were removed. But to have this old style model, I needed to change position and structure of the 2 stands, side and middle one. Actually, this frame and especially pegs location are not made for this kind of exhaust, pipes and mufflers. It took me some hours for this result.

Original engine covers were switched for older model, /7.

I Actually like to give a name to the bike. "Flying saucer" written on the engine sides, are hand made in alloy plate.

Tank is coming from a R100RT last serie. The only one which can accept inside, electrical stuffs on the frame.
On the top, light polished alloy parts were also made by hand. Front and rear mudguards are actually coming from the same 1960 Matchless. Cutted in two parts and edges brass welded.

rear light is made from 2 parts. the shell is coming from a belgian army trailer light.
Glass from a Hella light, stolen long time ago on a dying tractor.

I designed the dashboard, the  purest I could.
Rims were epoxy painted.
Choosing colors were a big deal with Julien. He changed all the time his mind! But he finally choose a "2 tones with cream please".
After some tests, we finally agree for this particular design.

Except for the leather on the seat and on the toolkit, everything was made by my hand.

made in 250 hours, I had a great pleasure to ride it some months ago. His owner is really happy. He found it "gorgeous".

the logo is inspired by the '58 expo star in Belgium and Jack findlay riding. (the privateer in the middle of the factory teams)

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