Contatempo Scuderia Cafe Racer

Italian design can only come from those who live and breathe the passion and style for flawless flare. A trait only inherited by birth and practice, the eye only sees superb mastery through generations of watch-makers.
From the fine lines and curves to the intricate detail and craftsmanship, Enrico Margaritelli shares his family legacy with the world one face at a time.
The CT Scuderia watch is a perfect match for the world of elite sport-racing.

LIFE, THE SAYING GOES, is a journey, not destination. Along the way, you discover your passions— which in turn beget inspiration, the wellspring of your life's accomplishments. What happens, though, when you take alifetime's worth of passions and attempt to alchemize them into a single, focused inspiration? Can the entirety of a life be contained within one idea?
Indeed it can — if the idea (and the life) are worthy.

Occupying that rarefied spot in the firmament is the CT Scuderia Café Racer, an unparalleled collection of unique timepieces that blend the meticulous mechanics of Swiss construction and movements with inspiration imbued by classic caféracer the mantle of the family trade, he was a professional motorbike racer who was intoxicated by the heady allure of café-racer society: Sometimes the racetrack has a defined start and finish; other times the finish line is but a notion, and you keep going until you find the perfect disembarkation point.

(A tidy metaphor for a well-lived life, that.) Yet even after Margaritelli left behind the gears and timing devices of one world for those of another, his first passion — motorcycles — had left its imprint on the very fiber of his being. The pleasure of discovery as the journey continues is a driving force in Margaritelli's life.
Thus café racing — the world's most influential motorcycle movement, in which man and machine are on proud public, symbiotic display, individualism personified Enrico — was a natural inspiration for his next venture.

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