The SONAUTO YAMAHA TEAM used special models at all kinds of sporting events , some of which were more and some less related to the production models. The changes were adapted to the requirements and went from the chassis, the carburetor exhaust system, the engine, to the required tank volume and other refinements.

The rally machine shown here was used in medium-distance rallies in the mid-1980s and was very close to the series off-road sports model TT 600 with 595 cc 1 cylinder and 44 hp. The TT offered itself because it was very robust, the engine and the series chassis had already shown to some privateers at the most notorious long-distance rally, the Paris-Dakar, what it was made of - it was also a lightweight steam hammer very popular with enduro riders.

The version shown here drove in the Atlas Rally, as well as in many other multi-day rallies, for example it was driven by the old off-road legend Serge Bacou in the Atlas Rally (picture below).

The changes to the production model relate to the dry sump lubrication, whereby the separate oil tank has been removed and the oil reservoir again, as in old XT 500/550 times, was located behind the steering head in the frame

An extremely solid aluminum engine guard with attached water tank protects the heart of the "Dune Explorer" - the original TT 600 engine

Large, handcrafted aluminum tank with a capacity of approx. 25 - 30 liters As with the Dakar racers, the actual tank volume can be read offin thehose connected to the bolts.

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