RCM-540 Ninja Sports Package NewTYPE-R

NewTYPE-R by RCM has significantly evolved from the conventional TYPE-R sports package.
Difference from the old TYPE-R The degree of realization is dramatic and boasts a high degree of perfection.

The overwhelming difference is the engine ...

To make the condition similar to that of a new car, all engine casting parts are disassembled painted with gun paint and the interior is also wet sandblasted to make a mistake.

The crankshaft dynamically balances and wraps the pin.
After optimizing the passage between metal and oil and refitting the connecting rod, e
After replacing the consumable parts system around the mission clutch, the dock passage was adjusted like the Z system

The oil pump was modified to a newer model with a larger trochoid rotor width and a higher discharge rate, and the circulation of the "pump pressure-based" bypass system such as the oil cooler has been improved.

The cylinder block, which has deteriorated significantly over time, it is pierced with the oversized piston of the Vosner NOBLEST package after inspecting the water pressure of the wet jacket.

The water pump was also changed to a new recent model and replaced with a large radiator with "pump pressure" ...
Both oil temperature and water temperature show excellent cooling performance without overheating.

Furthermore, many parts such as generator chains, one-way clutches, rocker arms, etc. They are fully converted into countermeasure parts of the final edition ...

It is finished in the best engine condition making full use of the know-how that can be possessed.

The most eye-catching visual aspect is the new inverted front fork ... "OHLINS Inverted Exmode Package"!

The brake caliper is obviously a radial mount, produced by Brembo, Italy.
The wheels are also GASS RS-A produced by OZ Racing of Italy, ei
Front and rear disc rotors consist of SUNSTAR and Japanese expanded discs only
from the top range of the best world producers.

The SCULPTURE swingarm has a stabilizer with a 7N01 ribbed square tube and a gusset combined with Monaka.

The drive chain offset to fit 180 wide rear tires is the narrow type EK530RCM released by Numa
Chain. The tight drive chain not only offers space for tight play areas, but also during rotation. The loss of friction is also significantly reduced.  Nitro Racing's short tail exhaust for Ninja is no longer a
classic popular exhaust ...

Gut against steps and seat rails! The muffler track is one single exhaust which is in close contact with the exhaust, and exhibits various aspects depending on the choice of the silencer used.

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