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Progressive, innovative, and stylish, E-Pilen Concept represents vision into the future of e-mobility. Inspired by the Vitpilen and Svartpilen design, the E-Pilen looks to follow its lead in setting the benchmarks for quality, looks, and performance.

Many companies try to explore this new technology, proposing different concepts, but Husqvarna has accustomed us to show us concepts that have almost always become reality as they have presented them, so it is plausible that this too will become real.

Husqvarna Motorcycles is aiming decisively towards the future, through a zero-emission range that will increase the appeal of the Swedish-born brand both for those who are already its fans and for a completely new audience.

Inspired by the avant-garde style successes of the Vitpilen and Svartpilen models, Husqvarna Motorcycles offers with the E-Pilen Concept a tantalizing vision of its future in the world of electric urban mobility.

Husqvarna Motorcycles' current road range is renowned for its cutting-edge dynamic, technological and stylistic features. These values ​​will continue to be distinctive features of the line dedicated to electric mobility, and the E-Pilen Concept is a clear declaration of intent in this sense. With an output of 8 kW and a range of 100 km, the E-Pilen Concept was developed with commuting and leisure in an urban context in mind, with adequate range to maximize the time between two battery recharges. .

Regarding the latter, Husqvarna Motorcycles maintains an open approach to all options, offering the advantages of both fixed and replaceable solutions. The E-Pilen Concept adopts a modular and replaceable (swap) battery system that allows you to change the entire battery pack with a charged one, increasing the attractiveness and practicality of this vehicle in the eyes of those who are considering switching to electric mobility. .

Husqvarna Motorcycles' goal has always been to develop innovative products that are accessible to the widest variety of motorcyclists. The E-mobility range will maintain and extend the pleasure and driving dynamics honed throughout the brand's long history and experience. In support of this initiative, Husqvarna Motorcycles will strategically increase its presence in urban and metropolitan areas with new outlets.

The development of the E-mobility range is already in an advanced stage of development, and more information will be released in the near future.


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