John Player Norton Tribute

There is a natural selection in motorcycling. Consider the kickstart lever of the 850 Norton. 

Some nine inches in length the lever demands real muscle or weigh to swing it through its arc. Those who can' drop the lever down smartly, or those who don't want to learn, or those who don' want to he bothered—they all will pass less formidable motorcycles. It's a peculiar process of natural selection. Under achievers may want a Norton, but find themselves unequal to the starting task You may choose it, but bikes like the Norton must also choose you.

Understand that the Norton 850 is al elitist's motorcycle. For he who had learned the drill, the Norton will rumble into life with a single well-coordinated swipe. The Norton man shrugs off effete electric starters and invites his quarrel some friends to demonstrate their expertise at the lever. Most likely they'll turn pasty under a nice moist sheen of perspiration without bringing the engine to life. There's a secret. Being a good Norton man is like being a magician: the magic is a few well-rehearsed drills. Learn the routine and proceed to center stage.

The John Player Special is the most elite Norton of all, and it takes a little extra knowledge, like the ignition key trick.

With this dream the customer presented himself at the gates of Union Motorcycle. That of having an elite bike.

The motorbike is not a replica of what I use Peter Williams to participate in the Tourist Trophy in 1973, but only a tribute to that iconic motorbike.

Starting from a base of a Norton Commando 850 they developed their project that required several changes to the original fairings, in fact by comparing the two bikes you can see all the differences.
It does not have the monocoque chassis of the racing version, but the optical illusion is truly convincing.

The components are the same as in those years, so the project appears homogeneous.
Even the paintwork while using the three main colors, The white background with the red and blue stripes, are a classic reinterpretation of the bike that inspired them

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