BIMOTA KB4 is the next-generation Cafe Racer

Here are the first photos of the new Bimota HB4, KB4 is the next-generation Cafe Racer
Full LED full of neoclassical appearance! The mysterious wind tunnel on the left side of the vehicle? A rider living in Rimini, Italy accidentally photographed the bimota KB4 road test drive. Foreign media quickly obtained the image. Although it is not very clear, it still has a lot of information.

Bimota was shocked when he announced his cooperation with Kawasaki at EICMA 2019 , and announced the Tesi H2 model on the spot . This is a super motorcycle that combines the supercharged engine of the Kawasaki H2 with a frameless wheel steering mechanism , which was a big topic at the time. In addition, BIMOTA also announced the development of a model called KB4, and released CG design drawings.

This is the CG released at EICMA 2019, you can also see the unique body structure, such as a hybrid frame with a steel grid and aluminum plates. KB4 is the next-generation Cafe Racer, equipped with a Kawasaki 1000SX naturally aspirated 4-cylinder engine in a hybrid frame . Unlike the Tesi H2, it has a more traditional body structure, such as a conventionally structured front fork and naturally aspirated engine, which is easy to accept even for those imagined vintage Bimota drivers.

In the CG picture released last fall, the front hood is colored, and at some time ago, Bimota released a picture of the white front hood that was intentionally blurred, but the road test was taken and the appearance of the black front hood was lived. It is not possible to determine whether this is a carbon fiber front wall, but you can see the details of the headlights.

First of all, the body structure can be seen from the image CG, which is a hybrid frame that combines aluminum components and steel pipes, inverted forks and a single rear suspension. The shape of the round headlight is almost fixed by the LED due to the shape, and the signal light will also be an LED of this size. The rear half of the frame is wrapped around the rear of the engine, and the drive chain extends outside the frame. The round headlights on the road test, the compact turn signals and the air ducts on the left and right sides of the front wall are also visible. Are the front brake calipers integrally mounted radially? The wheelbase does not seem to be that long, and it looks like a compact body.

In terms of appearance, the volume of the fuel tank and the upper fairing is impressive. You can see that there is a steering shock absorber on the top bridge. However, this resolution picture may not be distinguishable by the manufacturer. The size of the seat front panel is very small, at least in the present case there are no steps in series. The biggest mystery is like a pipe passing through the left side of the body. At first glance, it looks like a front wall design, but because the air intakes of the upper wall are located on the left and right sides, it is certain that the air is hollow Structure-guided. The line of the ram air duct is thick, but it seems to extend near the tandem seat, so it is possible to place a radiator or oil cooler under the seat.

The rear end of the exhaust pipe looks like a Ninja 1000SX, but it is unknown whether the final version of this test prototype will remain the same. In any case, it is currently impossible to make official announcements, only to wait for more relevant information in the later period!

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