ABC 500 | Future Boardtracker

Inspired by the Board trackers of the 20s, this ABC 500 represents the modern if not future transposition of those lines.
Niki Smart is an automotive designer and designer, with a working experience of over 20 years that has worked with the largest companies.
This project was long and laborious, which involved him for several years and which required the professionalism of many specialists, only for the personal desire to realize his vision started when he observed a photographic exhibition of the pilots of the 20s.
He kept those lines and those volumes that, the proportions of those old bikes and after having found the right motor to start drawing, trying to realize that vision of his

Engine: 1980 Honda XL500s 497cc Engine and 5 speed gearbox pumping out something like its originally claimed 33hp. Carburetor is a standard Keihin, with a rapid prototype (FDM) custom air intake trumpet mounting to a conical air filter. The 6V electronics have a 12V step up converter to power the compact gauges and LED projector lighting.

Gearing: 15/46 to compensate for the larger 800mm OD tire and a 520 roller chain connects the Honda motor to a custom sprocket and spider mounted to the rear wheels hub.

Front Suspension: Hossack arrangement first developed by Norman Hossack. The fork uprights are made from chromoly tubular steel, with investment cast dropouts capturing a large diameter aluminium hollow axle bolt. Spherical bearings facilitate turning and connect to the investment cast aluminium wishbones. They attach to the frame with deep groove ball bearings. The lower wishbone is connected to a pull rod that via a frame mounted rocker arm, actuates the adjustable air shock that sits between the fuel tanks.

Rear Suspension: Swing arm made from chromoly tubular steel with investment cast 4130 dropouts and actuates the adjustable air shock that resides under the seat.

Seat: Carbon/kevlar fiber stressed seat is cantilevered off of the back of the main frame providing a lightly sprung ride and sits over and around the rear shock absorber. 

Fuel Tanks: Split design. They are constructed in carbon/glass fiber composite with brass fittings. The shoe box construction creates a volume in between the tanks to package the front shock absorber, battery, regulator, rectifier and the main electrical loom.

Wheels: 26x3.75" Front and Rear - Modular construction, aluminium CNC machined hub with unidirectional carbon fibre spokes threading into the hub. Bolts through the rim capture the spokes. 

Tires: Vee Rubber 120-50R26 Front and Rear. 800mm OD

Head lights: LED projectors mounted to the side of the front fork. They are packaged behind a small fairing/numberplate.

Tail lights: LED brake and stop light packaged under the seat.

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