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Fred Krugger is a true artist who combines the skills of an engineer with those of a sculptor.
He presented his latest work, his first 4 wheeler, a project that is a long and important source that many have followed with great interest, thanks to the updates he published on the social channels.

Those who are passionate about art will admire this car as an object that expresses beauty, in its forms and in lines, but those who are passionate about mechanics have remained entranced by the work that is below.

Starting with a 6000 cc Bentley V12 engine, he built the entire car in every single component, it was a real pleasure to see how he found every engineering solution for every component with a truly unknown elegance.

His style and his way of working we had appreciated in his previous work but this really surpasses every other project he had already realized.

In a brief interview he explains the history of this project and the philosophy that followed in making it happen

A return to the roots, in a sense, for the one whose first job was related to motorsport and the preparation of racing cars. "I wanted to test myself with this machine," said Fred Krugger, "I wanted to do better than I had already done, and I had the opportunity of this project with a level of finish that remains equivalent to what I was doing in bike, so I jumped at the chance ".

This challenge is due to these two businessmen from Liege, André Dupont (who succeeded in the textile sector) and François Fornieri, the head of Mithra, who gave him carte blanche to create a single copy with clean lines and aesthetics pushed to the extreme. All done entirely by hand and from A to Z. "The idea was to reinterpret the first racing cars of the Thirties, details the Mechanic - Designer It was the moment of the beginnings of aerodynamics and the arrival of aesthetics in industrial mechanics I bring a retro-futuristic side with many anachronisms ". As usual, it is without a plan that the artist worked using proportions, "old-fashioned and without computer-aided work" proportions.

The result is breathtaking to the point of asking the question. Is it a work of art or a car? "Some say that with art I find it efficient, so we are in compromise, there are 750 horses for 1250 kg. The aesthetic goes to art because the vehicle will participate in various art competitions and automotive elegance".

It took ten thousand hours to conceive this masterpiece. A painstaking and long-lasting job in which Fred Krugger had to sacrifice himself a lot. "It was hard to work alone so much, and I didn't get feedback on what I did when I did a bike, so I had to stay focused," he says. Fred Krugger.

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