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Taking inspiration from the flat trackers of the 70s and early 80s, professional clay molder and bike builder, Nick Graveley of @claymoto_design, has built a stunning custom Zero FX tracker he aptly dubbed the “Quiet Riot”.

 It took over 80 hours in clay modeling before the clay was scanned in, digitized, prototyped in ABS, and finally produced in beautiful carbon fiber. Clearly a lot of work, but we think the results speak for themselves.
The large side and front numberboards being a staple feature of these bikes. Keeping the bike as smooth as possible around the knee area was also important so as not to catch the rider’s leathers when riding.

The base bike is a 2017 Zero FX with the 6.5 kWh battery pack.
Power 46 hp (34kW) @4300rpm
Torque – 78 ft.lb. (106Nm)
Range – You can thrash it for about 60km or take it easy for about 130km. 
The main technical differences are:
• 2mm pre-preg carbon bodywork which fits directly onto the stock frame, (2.4kg (5.3lb) for the complete bodywork set.
• 19” SunRims laced to stock FX hubs with Shinko flattrack tyres. 
• Slightly modified suspension front and rear (shortened stroke)
• The stock belt drive has been replaced with a chain and sprocket kit. 
• There’s a 3mm thick aluminium bashplate and side plates. 
• The rear lights, custom Cromoly numberplate hanger and mudguard are now mounted on the swingarm which can be easily removed in minutes as one unit.
• Headlights Shin Yo 50mm projector lamps. Tail lamp strip LED, and micro LED indicators all round.
• Rear brake on left handlebar – So much torque means the bike doesn’t need a gearbox, meaning there’s no clutch, which means you can relocate the rear brake lever up onto the left bar for better rear brake modulation while riding on circuit. 
• Relocated speedometer to keep the clean tracker front number board look.

For those interested in giving their FX the “Quiet Riot” treatment, Gravely will have kits available to purchase, which are bolt-on with no cutting required, by contacting his email; nick@claymoto.com.

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