Proto KTM 490

A motorcycle before being put into production is always preceded by a prototype that makes fans dream, too bad that in the production phase many of the stylistic solutions are lost.
Geoffrey POUPENEY, too, was struck by what KTM presented for his 790, but decided to build his own special. The following is the story that tells the project, told by Geoffrey

For the description of the project, when KTM had showed the prototype of the 790 DUKE, I was crazy about this bike but by seeing spyshots of the production type, i was less motivated so i decided to do a kind of this prototype myself.

I took the frame of my old KTM 450 EXC and a 525 EXC engine, my KTM mechanical agent has gave me wheels of a Duke 690 and i started the project. Because of the mix between 450 frame and 525 engine, the name 490 Duke was logic to me.

 I have adapted many KTM parts like the complete front suspension with brake system of a Superduke 990 R but that was the most easy to do.

The first big part is the aluminium swingarm, i have designed it on CAD system, parts of it were machined by laser & watercutting, a colleague has welded parts togerther. 

The second big part is the aluminium subframe which include the air intake. I go back to the CAD system and a friend of the forum STREETMONSTERS has machined side panels, i use again laser & watercutting for parts and my colleague has welded parts.

With that parts the chassis is complete.

My colleague who's like to welded non ordinary parts works hard on the exhaust pipes system in stainless steel.

The rest of the bike was the most difficult thing to do. I have sculpted the complete bodywork and i gave it to JERSEN COMPOSITE to make it in carbon fiber, there was a lot of parts like headlight fairing, cooling side panels, seat, airbox, undertail fairings, tank cover and fuel tank. It took a lot of time manufactured it.

I would like to say a great thank you to all people who had helped me to do this project, Julien Steulet, Beca, Fabio Cardicchi (Cardicchi.ch), Jérôme Senmartin (Jersen.fr), Franck Breton, and my KTM agent team Jean Michel Resch, Joffrey Luttringer and Fred Kuttler (Kuttler.fr).

These pages are always a source of inspiration for the readers who are looking for ideas and solutions for their projects, here I am sure that the construction phases are even more intricate than the finished motorbike, so here are some working steps


  1. Wow, that’s really nice. I would only change one thing. I’d like to see some body work covering the sides of the radiators. Other than that, when can I get one?

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