Guzzi Le Mans 1100 Cafe

The phenomenon of the cafe racer, in the true sense of definition, is a bit lowered and motorcycle enthusiasts who do not follow the fashions of the moment are turning to motorcycles with a strong character that give great satisfaction to driving.

This Guzzi Le Mans comes from a Franck ROUSSIN our reader who offers us his special, where the main objective is to improve the starting point  by taking inspiration from Guzzi di Ghezzi, a specialist on twin cylinders from Mandello

Where are you coming from?
Who else worked with you?
One-man operation
How can you describe yourself ?
54 years old. Lot off guzzi before. A 1198 S Corse now and a Benelli 1130 Tornado Tre that i've just sell…
What inspired you to start building the bike?
I have other bikes and i don't use my V11. So i decide to transform it.

Where did it come from?
I by it new in 2003. V11 Le Mans.
What's the donor bike, make, model, year?
V11 Le Mans 2003.

What was your vision/plan?
Inspire by Ghezzi. Less weight. 1100 sport tank.
Front frame v11 modified and front fairing Laverda SFC + Rear saddle, fairing and frame Ghezzi Brian. Exhaust Mass. KN filters and ECU re mapped. Aloy commands from Ghezzi and Gifrap. All electrics component under the saddle fairing with Lithion ion battery.
Paint by a friend specialist. 

Tell us about the finish/logos/design?
Original stickers from Guzzi. The 1100 was made with 2 1000 Le Mans Stickers…

How does the bike ride?
Only 210kg with fluids. It's better than the donor bike.
What will you do next? New projects?
Something like ipothesys or Radical guzzi based on a Griso 8V.

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