1968 DUCATI 250CC – MOTO 3

Ducati 250 with frame Bi metal Moto 3 built by Aanalog Motorcycles


Framecrafter’s bi-Metal Moto3 spec Chassis
All Billet aluminum parts on chassis hand milled
Matching bi-Metal swing arm by Framecrafters
All custom made engine mounts by Framecrafters
RS125 Showa suspension rebuilt
Honda CB550 front hub modified and milled with needed spacers
Custom made Barns quickchage rear hub
17” Sun rims and spoke kits by Buchanan’s
Dunlop Race Rain tires KR189 front and KR389 Rear
Modified Vortex clip ons
Custom made linkage for left side shift conversion.
Modified kickstarter to clear rear sets and linkage


‘68 Ducati 250 Narrow case engine
Rebuilt by TJ at Demon Tech
12v and electronic conversion by Electrex
NOS Dell’orto VHB27 carb
Custom made Stainless pie cut header with Cone Engineering Big Mouth Muffler


Handmade aluminum tank
Handmade aluminum tail
Handmade aluminum fairing
Handmade aluminum fender
Custom made seat pan
Upholstery by Dane Utech of Plz.B.seated
Paint by Artistimo Custom Design


Motogadget m.Unit Blue
Motogadget m.Blaze Disc signals
Motogadget chronoclassic speedo Tachometer
Complete Beringer brake systems. (rotors and master)
HEL custom made Brake lines
Custom mounted Steering Damper
Custom Machined caliper mounts and rear set brackets by Free Form


DENALI Electronics DM LED TriOptic™ LED front lighting
DENALI Electronics D2 LED TriOptic™ LED front lighting
Analog Motor Goods Cone taillight housing in custom made mount
Cole Foster Grips
Powder coating done in house and by J&J powder coating
Spacers and brackets made in house or Framecrafters

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