Tracker Classic Mule Motorcycles

On a Triumph Bonneville carburettor base, this Tracker retains only the engine and frame as everything else is either replaced by new specific parts or modified.

On this model are of course mounted mandatory lighting equipment (headlights, taillight and turn signals ... as discreet as possible).

The wheels are advantageously replaced by a 19 "Mule set with Flat Track tires (homologated) to lower the unsprung weight and thus increase maneuverability. The braking system includes a 320mm Brembo front disc combined with a 6-piston Nissin caliper. Front damping is entrusted to a Yamaha YZF R6 fork reconditioned by Racetech California and attached to the frame by the aluminum Mule fork tees on which the Mule stainless steel handlebar is attached. For the rear of the YSS 360 dampers are mounted.

The oil cooler is replaced by the Mule kit while a sidestand is mounted on the left engine block (new model).

The tank, an aluminum model and handmade in the US gives an unmistakable look while the saddle and rear shell completes the "race" look of this bike that reminds of course the racing model that has been a hit in the races. flat track in the 70s.

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  1. Orazio, io la trovo di una bellezza da togliere il fiato!


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