BMW K100 Endurance Racer

This Endurance race bike, built to compete in the Endurance Legends 4 Hour race and future endurance racing events.

The bike was built up from a 1985 K100RS frame, engine and drivetrain and features parts to aid quick pit stops, such as quick release body work and wheels and a quick fill fuel tank. The engine has been rebuilt and tuned for constant high speed and reliability as well as fuel economy.
Going against the norm for an endurance race bike, and as with our other K100 race bike, there is no charging system or starter motor fitted because the internal gears that run them from the crankshaft are removed to improve performance and save weight.
Instead, a lightweight Lithium battery is fitted and is quickly changed at each pit stop.


Make/Model BMW K100RS
Year 1985
Capacity 987cc
Engine Tuned K100 8 valve
Fuel/Ignition Delta programmable engine management system
Frame Stock K100RS Lightened/strengthened
Suspension RAM rear shock, RAM progressive springs(K75S forks)
Wheels/Tyres 3.50 120/17 front 5.00 160x17 rear
Dash/Display Digital Acewell
Exhaust BSK SpeedWorks
Rearsets BSK SpeedWorks

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