Silver Bullett

"The Silver Bullet" is the first bike designed by the Spanish magazine Revival of the Machine. On this occasion, they collaborated with the famous preparer XTR Pepo.

"We do not have a workshop, but we know how to design motorcycles and find brands to accompany us. We knew Pepo well and for us it was THE person of the situation! As with all XTR Pepo bikes, it's a great success, judge for yourself. "

"We focused on some of the details of the bike as Pepo advanced on the other aspects. Our help has therefore focused on the tank, the integration of the watch and the saddle, which are all made by hand with aluminum and wood ".

"This bike is a beast! It is a BMW R100RS from 1978 with what could be best found as parts on the market. This boxer has been boosted like never before! "

The carburettors are Lectron High Performance and the exhaust is an Akrapovic. Much of the electronics was provided by Motogadget and Rizoma.

The front is the R Nine T supplied by BMW Motorrad. The rear suspension is a monoshock hagon and the tires are Pirelli.

The brand of Zenith watches gave us the rare model "Pilot Type 20 Extra Special" that we grafted to the reservoir of RM Design. The small + to start the beautiful, is the electronic chip M-lock of Motogadget.

"We wanted an elegant motorcycle with enough power to win drag racing. "

To celebrate this new preparation, it will be exhibited this weekend at the BikeShed of Tobacco Dock. After that, she will be at the Wheels and Waves, then Motorrad Days Garmisch, in Formigal and to finish their own event in Madrid: Oldies Goldies, which will be this year at Plaza Las Ventas.

You will understand, this prep took on the best aftermarket pieces of the moment. The result is troubling and beautiful at the same time. We have only 2 questions left: 1 / What noise does the beast make? 2 / Is it really fast?

From 4H10 


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