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The Dumbador team on this bike have mix  the aesthetics of the light Japanese race motorcycles of the seventies, with the bust of the German Bmw motorcycle of the same era. The Result is Bang, this Bmw R100.
We did a little interview with Pedro to know him and leave workshop.

Where are you coming from?
SAN SEBASTIAN – Basque Country

Who else worked with you?
My Gilfriend Inma and my friend Oscar Irizar

How can you describe yourself (or your team)?
Dumbador is small workshop of San Sebastian (BASQUE COUNTRY), in which we enjoy creating for ourselves the motorcycles of our dreams. We are now fully engaged in a third and fourth projects, enjoying every step, taking advantage of each free second, to occupy it in creating machines with soul, to enjoy dreaming and flying with them …

What inspired you to start building the bike?
The idea to build this bike came from trying to mix the aesthetics of the light Japanese race motorcycles of the seventies, with the bust of the German Bmw motorcycle of the same era.
We call it BANG, by the sensation of speed that we try to transmit with its forms.
It is very light at the top and the opposite at the bottom.
After having made a whole line of Moto GP type exhaust in stainless steel, we realized that the original exhausts lengthened it and helped to convey that intention of being very fat from the bottom. That's why we decided to leave them.

Where did it come from?
The registration of the bike is from my city, but it has spent years in Madrid and Barcelona and a firefighter bought it in Barcelona and brought it here, and we bought it, to transform it, it was in a bad state …

What's the donor bike, make, model, year?
BMW R100 / 7 from 1976

What did you do to the bike?
This 1976 BMW R100 / 7 with its fully renovated boxer engine, and fairing and handmade cowl imported from Japan. Seventies Honda tank, trimmed fork, new subframe, with two rear wheels, battery box, Motogadget unit, Posh and Gonelli controls, GS tachometer, etc …. It's the second bike we make, and all the blacksmithing of the bike, is done by hand in our small workshop.
If you've upgraded parts, what make did you choose and where from?

Any interesting challenges, unconfident, or mistakes?
We were for a long time, posing the bike as a scrambler, high and off-road, until one crazy day we totally changed the plans and ended up doing this bike that has nothing planned ….
Tell us about the finish/logos/design?
The bike is totally black with satin finish and shine, and on deposit in silver we see our logo "Dumbador" which is an invented word, which tries to signify the pleasure of flying on the bike …
Any unique features?
We do not like fenders, despite their function;)
- - -

How would you describe your bike?
Cafe Racer

How does the bike ride?
The bike is very stable, being lighter than the original and with a more racing stance it is very pleasant to drive, although the brake pump is still under the tank, which for aesthetic looks great, and that is why the handlebar is very clean, But not the best of the brakes …

What will you do next? New projects?
Now we are with a very small bike, a Yamaha TW 125 zebra…

Da: Perdinande Sancho

Name: Perdinande Sancho
Email: perdinande@gmail.com

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