Moto Guzzi Dustbin Rodsmith Motorcycles

The Motoguzzi Dustbin Build by Rodsmith
On January 1, 2017 Craig Rodsmith started a build that would test his skills.  Building on Motoguzzi Dustin Racer from scratch.  Passion, determination and imagination has made this dream build come to life.  Rodsmith Motorcycles uses unconventional methods to make some of the coolest handbuild motorcycles around.  This bike is very special and has been featured at the Mama Tried Show in Milwaukee, Wi and a huge hit at "The Handbuilt Show" in Austin Texas in April 2017.

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  1. That's a nice lookin' bike even without the dustbin! Lovely stuff. Too heavy on the polish & chrome though, imho. I'd open up more holes to see and COOL certain things, that's how I can rationalize giving 'em more of a chance to shine in the sun - some holes to let air into the drum hub as well as the jugs/heads - the dustbin could be more minimalist toward this end. A spot of colour wouldn't hurt, either. A bit of that bland Avocado Guzzi-Green on the fairing? A bit of Italian red on the tank, a bit of white elsewhere - A proper "Tricolore" as it were. Just a suggestion!


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