Th MK3 deBolex Engineering

Honda CB 750 F2N by DeBolex Engineering

The Mk3, commissions build which resulted in Fabio the customer becoming part of the deBolex team. Fabio has a great set of skills, which helps look after the company’s image, from web and graphic design to photos, new build concepts and marketing.

The build started with a low mileage stock cb750f2n donor, we drew up a concept that gave the minimalist look with a little aggression.

To give us the platform in which to build the lines of the bike around we needed a rolling frame, so the first step was to do the front-end conversion. This started with a pair of R1 forks. We modified the yokes to fit the standard Honda bearings and machined up a new spindle and spacers to fit the standard front wheel.

Then to transform the later cb750 and loose that 90’s look, we started with a cb650 tank, some time was spent making this work, taking into consideration steering lock, clearance between the engine and the line through the bottom of the tank and the seat.

The frame was cut and our usual kick added to the back, with a rear light sunken back into the tube. The next step was the battery; we find the battery can be a burden to a bike, always trying to be hidden and usually in something boxy! So with the use of a tiny lithium battery supplied by Shorai, we came up with a way in which we think the battery box adds to the aesthetics of the bike, sitting under the seat and held in by the fuel tank.

To achieve the look we wanted from the seat, and for it to flow well into the tank, the seat platform was to be thin, so with some experimenting with different foam types we managed to achieved a soft enough seat to with stand the English pot holes! We then trimmed the seat in a medium grain leather.

Dunlop Sportmax tyres sit the bike firmly on the tarmac, and a gold renthal chain and sprocket deliver power to the rear wheel.  Custom made air filters with Ram air filter foam, and a full custom stainless exhaust system help air flow through the engine and helps produce the sweet crackle and pop on the over run, Fabio has been trying to find all the tunnels around London just so he can hear back that exhaust note!

Moto gadget speedo sits recessed into the top yoke, to give a minimalist look, with a bates style headlight siting back between the forks.

The frame and wheels were powder coated in satin black, the engine coated in high temperature enamel, and the tank painted with a gold pinstripe to break up the black and white colour scheme.

Some Tarozzi foot rests, set in a slight back position for the feet, with matching rear foot rests for the pillion.

Shortened front mud guard with stainless brackets was made and painted to in gloss black. New Ignition barrel mounted in the frame.

Everything minus the powder coating is done here at deBolex.

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