Dirt track is a discipline through which all the great pilots in the US went in the 1970s. Today we see Marc Marquez, Valentino Rossi and others perfecting their riding technique on 450 modified for the Dirt Track.This Bultaco is a reinterpretation of the racing model of the 70s that has raced in the US: the Bultaco Astro 360.

The engine is borrowed from the brand's enduro model: the Frontera 370 Mk 11.
The frame is taken from an older version: the Matador 250 MK 3.
The chassis is fully modified and reinforced to accommodate the 370 engine as well as an aluminum swingarm from a Gas Gas 250 and a single shock absorber from Yamaha R6 is suitable. The fork is a 40 mm diameter Marzocchi.

The driving position is completely revised thanks to a modified location of the aluminum footrests and the installation of a Domino handlebar and trigger guard diameter 28.6 mm.

On the side of the trim we find an authentic Bultaco Astro tank and a rear inspired by the same model but entirely reworked to become a unique model.

Painting and decoration are carried out in the Freeride Motos workshop, like other modification, welding, fiberglass tasks, etc.

This machine is fitted with quality equipment: aluminum gas control, Bud Racing clutch control, electronic ignition, Mikuni VM 36 carburetor, brushed aluminum silencer, etc.
The bike is not without interest and provides a large engine torque while delivering its power to all stages, an ultra fun machine that can be used on all types of terrain by simply changing it mounts pneumatically.

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