Gryps | Harley ROADSTER

Harley Roadster for Battle of Kings 

Following in the tradition of previous years, the inspiration for Harley-Davidson Athena’s custom bike stems from the mythical world of monsters. A Harley-Davidson Roadster has been transformed into the Gryps; a unison of the Lion and the Eagle.

Among the monsters which haunted the dreams of humans there exists one which survived the ever changing shape of myth. It is the unison of the rulers of the animal kingdom:  The Lion and the Eagle.  Made out of the fabric of both dreams and nightmares, this creature changed many names, but it was it, the Shirdal,  the Gryps , the Griffin which appeared in the cylinder seals of Susa around 3000BC, took form in Syria and Anatolia in the Middle Bronze Age, and appeared on the frescoes in the Throne Room of  the Palace of Knossos. It was often encountered in classical Greek and Roman art, and later in medieval bestiaries and heraldry. Always a powerful creature, the Gryps guarded the gates of All Nations in Persepolis, and became the symbol of power of the Empire of Alexander the Great. Since classical antiquity, griffins were known for guarding treasures and priceless possessions, and in medieval Europe, the griffin became a religious symbol of divine power and a guardian of the divine.


This figment of imagination transcended cultures and civilizations with different values, spanning across five thousand years of human history, but retained its essential attributes: It has always been a symbol of power and a guardian. Following up on this legacy, HD Athena’s Gryps, is a compelling machine, guarding the most valuable treasure of all:  Life itself, because it is built around its rider, and incorporates several elements, aiming at his protection.

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