Cocktail Power | HONDA/CBX1000 Eg

Per fare un cocktail potente dalla giusta gradazione alcolica e dal gusto equilibrato si deve avere competenza e occhio estetico
Ecco che AutoMagic ha voluto creare un mix Italo Nipponico , miscelando due delle moto più iconiche degli ultimi decenni, come la Ducati 916 disegnata da quel genio di Tamburini e il motore Honda CBX 1000 6 cilindri , capace di regalare sensazioni di puro godimento con il suo sound 


[Ambition of the owner who loves 6 hits Eg] Chapter 6
■ Plan the loading of HONDA / CBX1000 on DUCATI!
· We have obtained official control of the car safely and have been completed!
Enjoying the disappointments together with the owner and the Custom collection, the road to realization may have been long. However, the goal of making the machines and their aspirations for each other was not cooled and led to the completion of these customized machines. And I have the time, the cost and how to create it ... I had many chances to challenge.
During ingenuity, there was time to think and fail, but there was also time to go to waste, but thank you so much for understanding and support with warm eyes. Thank you very much, owner.
In the current trend of Japan Custom that becomes monoculture, I hope you will hear something different.

· BaseEngine: CBX1000 / HONDA
· Center Up Ando Silencer Muffler
· Oil cooler: 11Inch13Row Ando one-off taken off fitting
· Titanium curved hand Exhaust exhaust 6In2in1out2
· FCRfai33
· Wossner Hi Comp Piston
· Hydraulic clutch of

· Base: DUCATI 748
· Custom frame: Mount Tasu Down Tube one off engine
, carbon and leg exterior and light all around: DUCATI 748
, wheel: MARVIC 3.5-17 / 5.5-17
, metro: DUCATI 748 + STAG-TACO
, B / S
, Brembo master and calipers

, get the official inspection

[Basic machine]

The exhaust silencer is one of the attractions of mechanical beauty, aesthetic beauty and the coolness of Custom Bike!
Prove your sense and your technology as a Custom Builder!
The owner is looking for a style that was created to join the DUCATI Center-Up Muffler while aiming to guarantee the bank's angle and isometry, despite having a unique and unique form of Knekune that is not sold nowhere in the world. Delusion? It was created with Hand Bend as AutoMagic.

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