Big Bad Suzi

Today I was talking with a friend is the argument was always the same, special bikes and different styles and details.
The parts made of CNC are beautiful and cared for but are a bit cold, in short, does not see the skill of a craftsman, but that of the machinery used, so if I can choose I prefer to bike like this, maybe not cured but certainly more lives.

Motorolik from south of Berlin, Germany, are two guys ..a few webdigner and a metal worker.

An original Suzuki GS 850 is a classic "naked" tourer. But unfortunately not very spectacular.
Well, and beautiful, is actually also different. 

However, she has a tank that can look rather monstrous compared to the rest of the bike. And in combination with some new, different and adapted parts, this also has an extra-large effect.

Many small details contribute to the look at the Suzi: modified 2in2 header system of a Husquarna, stainless steel windshield, stainless steel rear, Harley endpots, ... and, and, and.

In the end, a custom bike came out that is surprisingly handy and feels at home both in the city and on the motorway.

Technical specifications:
Air-cooled four-cylinder four-act, 843 cc
Carburettor: Mikuni, Type BS 32 SS (Series)
Air filter: 4x Sport- / Rennfilter (NOT K & N)
Exhaust: Husquarna 2in2 + Harley Davidson rear muffler
Power: 83 hp
landing gear
Double grind frame with shortened rear
Fork: Series (shortened)
Swing arm: series
Wheels: Rims: Enkei Aluminum Injection Molding (Series)
Vo. 19 "x 1.75"
Hi 17 "x 2.50"
Brakes: vo. 2 disc 270 mm
Hi. 1 disc 260 mm
Tank: series
Heck: shortened (self-made)
Electrics: - Electrically placed under the seat
- Battery laid under seat bench
- Single-instrument tacho with info-LEDs as cockpit
Special: - Eigenbau-Windshield, -Heck and -number-sign holder made of stainless steel
- rear-mounted footrest
- Alarm system

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