Honda CBX Cafe Racer

During our trip to Glemseck I photographed hundreds of beautiful bikes and this is one of those that caught my attention.
The 6-cylinder engine of the Honda CBX 1000 is really amazing, a real feast for the eyes and the sound that emanates it is for the ears.
Christian by Gietl Bikes sent me pictures of the photo shoot made by Guru Photography and tells the story of this bike.

Type: Honda CBX 1000
Year: 1983

Engine: CBX 1000
Ignition: Dynatec
Aircleaner: K & N
Exhaust: MCJ sound ajustable

Frame: Customade Rearframe
Fork: Kawasaki Zx9R with CNC Triple Trees
Swing arm: GSX-R 750
Suspension: Wilbers adjustable
Wheels: GSX-R 1100
Breaks: GSX-R 1100
Headlamp: V-Rod with handmade windshield

Actually it was a stupid coincidence ... a customer of us wanted to sell his CBX because he absolutely wanted a Harley. The bike was once as Streetfighter had changed but potential. So we bought them.
Since I wanted to build a Cafe Racer for a long time, but I did not have a basic bike, I built it. (I am just at the beginning to build up a complex TR1 Cafe Racer for which I have been collecting parts for 2 years and for the next few years for myself personally, so the CBX as a "fast project" to practice.

Actually the conversion should be simple and in quotation marks only a bump on it. But when I started with it and the bike was disassembled, it turned out that the previous owner had already massaged a lot, both on the frame and on the electrics. That's why I decided to dismantle everything completely and make it new. I broke the rear frame and welded a whole new one that fit optimally to the hump. Fork swingarm and wheels were fitted. 

As a lamp, I took one of the V Rods, built the holders and a lamp mask made of steel for it. The original fittings came away and Brembo fittings with Rizoma containers were installed, as well as push buttons in the stub for the clean look. Into the riders came motogadget turn signals. The ignition lock was installed in the left engine mount. The rear of SP Fightmaschines has been reworked and backed up so that it has a clean finish to the rear frame. Since I wanted to do everything myself on my bikes I also tried to sit on the seat, I padded a seat and sewed it
Leather with blue thread and covered everything. For the first time it was all right with air up :-)

Then the bike was completely disassembled into ALL parts (except for the engine), powdercoated and varnished. The paint is based on the old Honda racing machines. This too comes from me.

In Glemseck I was qualified with the Classic Racer Sprint, but this was due to a cloudbreak in the truest sense of the word into the water.
Let's see if it next year then folds.


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