For decades, big twins ruled the flat tracks of America, with Harley-Davidson and Triumph regularly on top of the podium. In the ‘70s, things got crazy (think Yamaha TZ750 road racer-powered milers). 

Then in the ‘80s, things changed. Bikes evolved. Big bore singles were now the motor of choice, like this “Harley-Davidson” short track racer. It was built by Bartel’s (a Harley-Davidson shop in Marina Del Rey, California that also built fast race bikes) and was powered by a Rotax 600cc 4-stroke single. This bike was raced by none other than Jay Springsteen, often considered one of the greatest flat-track racers of all time. You be the judge: three Championships, 43 National wins, ranked in the Top 10 23 times, and won races over the span of 25 years. That’s quite a career!

From Fast House 

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  1. So apparently having a Harley-Davidson sticker on your tank makes your non Harley framed, non Harley engine, non Harley component bike a Harley?


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