Diabola V65C

Moto Guzzi V65C 650cc – 1984 / Diabola V65C by Venier Customs

The Diabola V65C is a custom motorcycle made out of a Moto Guzzi V65C. What’s special about this motorcycle is that was the first bike we made, the Diabola V35C was released in August 2012 when everything started. I built the Diabola with the intention of keeping it for myself, that was my own bike, but at this day I couldn’t keep any of the 5 we made. Customers like to buy the Diabola exactly how came out the first time, no modifications at all. One is in Venice, One in Monza, Milan, London and Orlando.

The Diabola V65c is a Moto Guzzi V65C from 1984 modified, the Chopper version of the V65. It is part of the “small series” of Guzzis and what’s incredible is that these models are so perfect that Moto Guzzi is still using this frame, engine block and transmission on the V7. On the bike we changed and hand made just about everything beside the tank and the headlight brackets. The bike has a total black gloss paint done, all the chroming was redone, tires are the firestone deluxe champion, mufflers are the Club silencers, Tommaselli condor handle bar, new tail and turn lights, . What’s interesting on this build is that everything was changed or fully rebuilt. Transmission, engine, electrical and brake system are basically brand new. We even replaced the headlight and the shocks with the original parts (that they cost more than the most expensive parts you can find out there). Another thing I like on this build are the rear set that we custom made modifying the originals. I couldn’t find anything would fit the design, everything didn’t look right, too modern, even Tarozzi. This is not an high performance motorcycle is all about the aesthetic. We kept the original Veglia Borletti speedo and we made a new Minimal control panel for it. Generally this build has a strong restoration added to it, beside the shape and forms what’s is a big plus here is the mechanical work done.

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