Alpha BMW R80 Cafe Racer

1982 BMW R80 Cafe Racer by Kevils Speed Shop 
"Our latest Cafe Racer, Alpha, the bikes off to Canada to its new owner Alfred Man- ,Alpha Male, painted in the colour of my choice a nice turquoise colour so not blue or green somewhere in the middle with twin racing stripes in black metallic.

Alfred had one request; that the bike originated in 1982; the year he was born  and incidentally the same year I left school cutting my teeth on Austin maestros and rover sdi’s, toiling away in the garages stores handing out oddities such as mollyslip , hylomar and swarfega plus a large amount of service parts to the mechanics who were real men unlike me a boy on a yammy dt50 listening to Dexy’s on the radio!

Alfred was good enough to let our team of experts have free reign in the design and build and that’s why this one really stands out from the crowd!

It’s great to do a completely fresh Cafe instead of recreating one from our portfolio from a few years back, check out the leather upholstered cafe racer seat hump, heavy duty rear shocks, Kevils own billet top yoke that allows a full 60mm front end drop so the stance is “slammed”. we’ve tried to keep to the original cafe racer styling theme with a large 7″ headlight twin mega silencers but added a modern twist with led tail lights, the indicators are ultra bright LEDs set in the ends of the subframe tubes, the stop and tail are set into the rear hoop plus the ever popular motogadget moto scope pro! We have also left the air box off in favour of our top engine cover, mikunis for extra horsepower and reliability! We even put our own gel badges on the rank in place of our usual black bmw logos, that’s how proud we are of this bute!

The bike has been completely reworked from top to bottom as per usual it oozes Quality and style!

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