Motus Lone Star

Motus Lone Star 2 Concept Is a 230 HP Turbo V4 Cafe-Racer from Hell

"Brian Case, one of the fellows who deliver the V4-powered Motus sport-touring beasts decided that spring is the perfect time to try and breathe some extra insanity in the already amazing Motus MSTR bike.

It's hard to tell whether he set out on purpose to create a bike we sort of fear even looking at or this "simply happened". Either way, the result is a stunning concept he called Motus Lone Star 2, a cafe-racered, naked MSTR with turbo intake and more attitude than most riders are willing to try and tame."

"Lowered compression thanks to custom pistons and a Small Block V4 which gladly accepts a turbine

If anything, the Lone Star 2 concept is the perfect proof that Motus MV4 engine is a great platform for custom applications. Installing the turbo blower required Case to design and manufacture a special bracket and pulley drive system to be fitted to the left side of the engine.

The turbo is actuated by the alternator pulley, and like any similar system, it has a certain lag. However, lag and lack of precision are probably the last things you think about when Case adds that he believes that the Lone Star 2 is now capable fo producing around 230 horsepower.

The MV4 and MV4R engines in stock trim deliver 165 and 180 hp, so the increase in peak power looks fearsome. The MV4R engine has a revised mapping and high lift cam.

For the engine, Brian Case used custom Mahle pistons while programming the ECU proved to be much easier as it already had the instructions to recognize turbocharging. The exhaust system was changed with an Akrapovic one with 4-into-2-into-1 collectors and a shorty silencer.

Given the weight loss and dramatic power increase, the Motus Lone Star 2 Concept should be a blast to ride, but until we see it in action here are some audio samples of the MST V4 engine."

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