High Five

The power is not important ..only 2 wheels to dream

I sought to make this video with fellow filmmaker Jake Hilger as a way for the two of us to decompress from taking film too seriously. I thought the idea of two overstuffed 1980’s badasses slugging it out on rickety little mopeds was a funny one, and after a couple of afternoons listening to a few Retro New Wave songs, I had the shot list ready. It wasn't long before my friends at Bixby Moto could smell the stupid and jumped on board.
The style of High Five is inspired by action hero flicks of the 1980’s, such as "Terminator 2", "Escape From New York", and "Mad Max".
The color grading was inspired by 1990's “Days Of Thunder”.
And yes, the inconsistent lighting and variable color timing is completely intentional. It’s called “having fun”. Deal with it.

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Show some love to the cats over at Bixby Moto. CAUTION: shenanigans ahead!

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