CB 900 F Bol D'or

Honda CB 900 cafe racer by Cash Flo 

"In the good evening here is my CB 900 f golden bowl honda when I have to realize the year 9 months I let you see photos seeing that to think of you of it"


  1. How can I turn my Honda 900F CB B'ol D'or 1982 into this awesome cafe racer by Cash Flo

  2. I want to modify my 1982 HD 900F CB B'ol D'or like Cash Flo.
    How can I do it?

  3. There are some lovely qualities herein, very classy period-correct stuff, the tubular under-braced swing-arm, the rear hub etc - Which are completely dashed on the rocks by the FUGLY crotch-rocket bits laid over top of 'em - the USD fork & the wave/petal rotors BLECH! If nothing else, disguise the USD fork as a shrouded fork ala CB350K/CB350F, and use a full solid rotor, disguising the floating type as the earlier fixed type rotors. Maybe use some period-correct rims in a more elegant profile rather than the modern Super-Moto type. And 18" diameter rather than 17" which is another tip of the hat to fugly crotch-rocketry!


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