The Fast of The Forest

The next bend will Imatra kind of motorcycle racer Juha Kallio's journey towards the dream race. Juha use all their money and energy to race driving, but the reality is far from glamorous. In his free time, Juha used to driving motorcycles in Imatra remote roads with his brother. Now, Juha has decided to participate in the world's fastest and most dangerous street circuit race - Isle of Man TT. The road towards our dreams is not always as simple as one might expect.
The film will premiere on 03.08.2014.
Running time approx 70min
Directing, cinematography, editing, production: Antti Jääskeläinen
Sound Design: Ville Katajala
Music: Juho Nurmela & Alekos Vuskovic
Graphic Design: Tommi Niskanen
Juha Kallio lives in Imatra Finland, a town covered in snow and ice most of the year. Juha is addicted to going fast, racing motorcycles. When he is not traveling around Australia on race weekends, they goes out on the backroads of Imatra with his brother to ride Their bikes. Juha has a dream, and he's about to go for it. He wants to take on the fastest and the most glorious road race in the world - The Isle of Man TT. But the road towards your dreams is rarely as straight as you expect it to be.

Seuraavaan Mutkaan traileri / The Fast of The Forest trailer from Antti Jääskeläinen on Vimeo.

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