Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR Custom Bike
Painting & Airbrush by KOMET Studio
Upside Down Suzuki GSXR-600
Velg Depan TK Japan 17X3.00 Inch + Bridgestone Battlax S20 120/70-17
Velg Belakang TK Japan 17X5.00 Inch + Bridgestone Battlax S20 180/55-17
Rantai TK Japan Gold
Lampu Depan & Belakang Aftermarket
Shock Belakang Showa Racing
Exhaust System by Flash Muffler Custom


  1. Hi There i am in Australia, Sydney and i need to have the same spoke wheels with disc rotors for my CB400. Can you please source them for me ? i am happy to pay what it costs. look forward to hearing from you on nbhangle@yahoo.com

    Thanks Neelesh

    1. Hi neelesh, did you ever manage to find out what spoked rims work on that cb400 super four? Looking at buying one and building a cafe racer. Thanks


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