YAMAHA SR500 "Mezzomille"

YAMAHA SR500 "Mezzomille" project

Axel Budde, so far best known for his Guzzi conversions, and KEDO, the 
YAMAHA SR/XT specialist, have some things in common. Both are from 
Hamburg, both strive for premium quality and they both believe in
understatement. Together they have now launched an innovative customized

Budde, owner of the workshop "Kaffeemaschine", favours a minimalist and lean appearance. He was very excited about this challenge.
"The SR has been a well established motorcycle for more than 35 years so almost every imaginable conversion already exists. However, I am yet to see very few properly coherent SR Cafe Racers.", says Budde. 

To avoid any compromises right from the beginning, Budde started by designing a wholly new aluminium tank/seat-combination. Also the frame and all attachment parts were slimmed down by Budde. Practically every part was lightened or replaced with a hand crafted original - or left out completely. The outcome
is an elegant, almost delicate conversion in the style of the late 1970s. The "Mezzomille". Loosely translated from italian it means something like "half thousand".

With scarcely 130kg dead weight and almost 40 HP the "Mezzo" promises agility and pure riding enjoyment. Because of its time consuming and uncompromising style, this motorcycle will have to remain the only one of 
its kind. The build time alone was over 350 hours. The parts that were included in its creation, however, will be found in the new KEDO catalogue that comes out in mid March this year.

 More information and pics of the"Mezzomille" can be found here: www.kedo.com or www.kaffeemaschine.net

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