From Countryside to City

Photo By Linden Adams Born in 1971 right the middle of the golden era of motor sport, Linden’s destiny was almost written for him as his Dad was a keen racer and photographer. Driven by the sights, sounds and 
smells of the high octane action he desperately needed to be involved.
By his own admission a frustrated artist, Linden decided to take photography a little more seriously to express his artistic flare. During 2005 there was a major turning point in his career having done freelance projects for various magazines. Linden took the arduous role of Press Officer for Racing Teams such as the successful Raceway Yamaha Factory Team. Having broken away from the modern race series he now concentrates on his pursuit to widen his contemporary look at the fascinating sport and culture of motorcycling. Linden is no stranger to the thrills of motorcycling having owned a wide variety of bikes over the last 24 years including Race bikes, race replicas, choppers even a classic Spondon amongst the collection. He is now concentrating on building his own Café Racer based on the Honda VTR but by his own admission bike building takes a back seat when so much photographic work is on the books. 
“I love nothing more than being asked to photograph someone’s pride and joy especially when the individual has equal passion , I swear I bleed Castrol R it’s now a way of life”

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