JMC Norvin Lightning

With over two decades of design and development behind it, JMC Classics is proud to be able to introduce you to the JMC Norvin Lightning, a new classic motorcycle that can now be yours from JMC Classics, the company that fully understands the technical complexities of these modernized classics.

Manufactured to an unparalleled level of quality, the JMC Norvin is a classic in its own right, with the following enviable specifications and a choice of 1000cc or 1200cc engine.

They ensured that the attention to detail and the expertise provided in the creation of these bicycles is also supported by important specialized manufacturers, culminating in a newly built classic motorcycle of unique and exceptional quality.

JMC Classics wants each bike to offer its owner the highest manufacturing quality. For this reason, they turned to the appropriate experts in each specialty to ensure that the finished bike meets its rigorous specifications which we have set. All aluminum parts of the bike are custom made to order. While the specially developed and designed frame is produced by Burgess Frames to our specification, bringing even more experience to new construction projects.

Chassis Specification
Brakes fountain
JMC Wide-Line Norton Frame
Dual Shock - Ohlins or Girling
Fork - 41mm Fork peg
Yokes - Minovation
18 "Wheels
18 "Flanged Alloy Rims
Tire size:
Front - 110 H18
Rear - 130 H18
Weight - 181kg
JMC Alloy Fuel Tank & Oil Tank
Alloy Mudguards
5 "Speedometer
3 "Rev Counter
Belt drive
Pazon ignition

Exhaust Specification
7/8 "
Race exhaust option
JMC Silencer

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